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corporate mission

duowei intelligent manufacturing for a better future

taking manufacturing as the foundation and quality as the core, duowei provides clients with the most valuable products and services, while exploring its development potential. it aims to build aesthetical, zero-carbon green buildings and create a harmonious and symbiotic future.
zero-carbon green buildings: reduce carbon emissions and enable buildings to generate clean electricity.
harmonious and symbiotic future: create a harmonious and symbiotic future where the enterprise, society, and environment can develop in coordination and coexist.

corporate vision

integrated services provider of green buildings

customer trust: customer-centered, making customers feel reassured, worry-free and happy.

employee happiness: duowei respects, identifies, warms and shares development achievements with its employees who work hard together with duowei.

social recognition: promote the healthy development of the industry, shoulder more social responsibilities and obtain more social identities.

green building integrated service provider: provide global customers with integrated services of design, procurement, product manufacturing and engineering management. by 2033, duowei will achieve to serve 30,000 customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

core values

development process

start-up period(1983-1997)

1983 1983

the founder established xiduo iron tile factory, the group's first factory, starting a new path of entrepreneurship.

start-up period(1983-1997)

1988 1988

the group extended its downspouts and corrugated iron business to beijing and placed advertis ements on beijing daily for direct sales.

rapid expansion period(1998-2012)

1998 1998

duowei established its first factory—beijing duowei color profiled steel sheet co. ltd., and produced eps sandwich panels. since then, thermal insulation and heat preservation roof and wall sandwich panels have been available in china. duowei officially registered its trademark and logo, and its trademark was later recognized as a well-known trademark in china.upholding the philosophy of "distributing wealth and gathering people", duowei launched its contribution incentive scheme and created a partner model.

development period(1998-2012)

1999 1999

duowei entered the markets in northeast and northwest china, where it established 13 factories in shenyang, harbin, baotou, and xinjiang.

development period(1998-2012)

2006 2006

in 2006,duowei entered mongolia, yemen, and kazakhstan, starting its effort to go global.

development period(1998-2012)

2007 2007

in 2007,duowei union group was established and settled in the zhongguancun fengtai science and technology park, and today duowei, the company’s magazine, started publication.

transformation period with management(2013-2022)

2013 2013

the group made strategic transformation and restructuring and transferred from the northern market to the southern market. its factories have reduced from 13 to 6. it replaced extensive management with lean management and established the concept of “quality is the lifeline of enterprises”. by practicing lean management in every link of personnel, machines, materials, methods, and environment, it has managed to ensure product quality, reduce costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

transformation period(2013-2017)

2015 2015

the group achieved a major breakthrough in overseas business by signing a contract for the “new tricolor neighborhood” project in venezuela, with a contract amount of usd 297 million. the project was satisfactorily completed within 8 months, which was recognized and highly praised by the client.

transformation period(2013-2017)

2017 2017

in response to the national call, duowei’s three major factories were relocated, and the beijing-based headquarters was re-positioned as the group’s management center, research and development center, and marketing center.

quality development period (2018-2022)

2018-2022 2018-2022

revolving around the group’s market strategy, duowei expanded its manufacturing bases. it invested rmb 1 billion in building two high-end lean manufacturing bases in tianjin and nantong, respectively. the two bases, boasting the most advanced equipment, the best clean and environment-friendly performance, and the most high-end product categories, have improved the group’s services and established the industry’s benchmark factories. duowei entered the new market segment of integrated building photovoltaics and took the lead in developing the dw-39 building integrated photovoltaic (bipv) new product. this innovative solution provides customers with safer and more efficient clean energy systems, thus creating a new business growth driver for the group.

digital intelligence transformation period(2018 present)

2023 2023

in 2023, at the 40th anniversary of duowei’s establishment, the group redefined its philosophy development and determined its strategic plan for the next decade . 1. achieving the sales target of rmb 10 billion; 2. becoming the top 1 in this industry in: metal cladding systems, truss deck systems, and industrial high-quality projects; the top 3 in clean panel systems, bipv (building metal cladding segment), and steel structure products (european and american standards); always maintaining its position as china's first brand in the building metal cladding segment. 3. building a new panel manufacturing base in zhaoqing, guangdong and transforming it into the group's high-end lean manufacturing base with the top equipment, best clean and environment-friendly performance, and highest product positioning to serve the south china market. 4. reaching 30,000 customers worldwide and covering 100 countries and regions.

start-up period(1983-1997)


transformation period with management(2013-2022)


quality development period (2018-2022)


digital intelligence transformation period(2018 present)

social responsibilities