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2021.01.19 "duowei sees future in corporate culture" themed conference of corporate culture achievements of duowei union group was unveiled in tianjin

on the morning of 27th, the conference of corporate culture achievements of duowei union group was held in tianjin base. more than one hundred representatives from all companies and business divisions of the group attended the grand conference on site, and subsidiaries that could not be present in person attended the video conference. at the meeting, we officially announced the corporate mission of "duowei intelligent manufacturing for a better future", the corporate vision of "becoming a green building integrated services provider trusted by clients, with employees delight and social recognition", and the five core values of "customer priority, result orientation, innovation for change, craftsmanship and happy work". the mascots "duoduo and weiwei" made a splendid appearance.

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2020.11.20 duowei union group was once again ranked on both the lists of beijing top 100 s&t innovation private enterprises and beijing top 100 csr private enterprises

on october 10, 2020, beijing federation of industry and commerce and beijing economic and the administration committee of beijing economic and technological development zone jointly held the "release conference of 2020 beijing top 100 csr private enterprises". duowei union group was ranked 52nd in the "2019 beijing top 100 csr private enterprises" and 99th in the "beijing top 100 s&t innovation private enterprises".

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2020.02.26 another fight in xiaotangshan

17 years ago, when sars was rampant, beijing built xiaotangshan hospital in 7 days, in which, duowei people came forward. 17 years later, when the covid-19 was spreading, duowei people once again stepped in to help the construction of the xiaotangshan hospital. after being entrusted the construction task of nearly 10,000 square meters of metal roofing for the emergency strategic reserve ward project of beijing xiaotangshan hospital, duowei swiftly set up a project team to make careful arrangement, and urgently scheduled production and dispatched experienced construction team to the construction site.

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2018.11.19 duowei is an ordinary company built by a grassroots entrepreneurial team

thanks for your precious time and coming from afar to attend the 35th anniversary celebration of the founding of duowei union group. on behalf of all the staff of duowei union group, i would like to extend a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all of you. this year is the 40th anniversary of china's reform and opening up, and also the 35th anniversary of the founding of duowei union group. forty years of reform and opening up has provide us with a good development environment and brought development opportunities to private enterprises. without reform and opening up, private enterprises in china would never achieve what we have today, not to mention this 35th anniversary of duowei union group today; we should be thankful to this historical opportunity. thanks to the forty years of historical opportunities, duowei has developed from scratch, with business extending from a small village to the country, and even the world. all of this should be attributed to the good policy of reform and opening up, which we must cherish.

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