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metal cladding system

metal cladding system

over the past 40 years, duowei has always been focusing on the innovative research and development of metal cladding system. with our rich experience in design and construction, we can provide customers with safe, reliable, economical, comfortable, and good-looking metal cladding system solutions for buildings.

metal roof system

the metal roof systems of duowei are rich in types and complete in specifications, including dw-19 360° standing seam metal roof, h66 270° standing seam metal roof, al-mg-mn alloy roof, vfroof® flexible waterproof roof, vroof metal roof sandwich panel and other metal roof systems of various connection forms. they can meet the diversified application demands of domestic and foreign customers.

  • dw-19 standing seam metal roof system

    dw-19 360° standing seam metal roof developed by duowei can adapt to the deformation of roof panels due to thermal expansion and contraction. with special design applied at node parts, such as cornice, ridge, gable and opening, it has an excellent performance in waterproof, thermal insulation and wind resistance.

  • al-mg-mn alloy roof system

    duowei al-mg-mn alloy roof system is of unique structure design and can meet the thermal insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction, ventilation and other functional requirements of roof system. duowei can produce and construct positive and negative arc panels, sector panels and other panels of different widths according to project needs for various challenging design solutions.

metal wall system

duowei metal wall system products mainly include sandwich panel wall system and corrugated plate wall system. these products have excellent thermal insulation and fireproof performance, beautiful appearance, and safe structure. with the characteristics of convenient construction, they are high-grade construction materials for exterior wall insulation and decoration of office buildings, shopping malls and public buildings.

  • vgoo® mental™ curtain wall sandwich panel system

    duowei vgoo® metal curtain wall sandwich panel is made of high-quality color coated steel or other precision profiled metal panel and high-quality rock wool/glass wool core materials. with the characteristics of excellent fireproof, thermal insulation and environmental protection, it is an excellent choice for industrial building enclosure systems. vgoo® detachable sandwich panel allows the free disassembly and assembly of an individual panel, and can be applied together with conventional panel types, thus effectively saving exterior wall maintenance costs for customers.

  • vwall® weclea™ metal curtain wall sandwich panel system

    vwalltm four-sided tongued-and-grooved metal curtain wall panel developed by duowei is designed with 20mm transverse decorative seams and vertical dividing seams, which highlights the strong three-dimensional effect of the building facade. in combination with the unique concealed edge closing system of the curtain wall window, it can achieve the decorative effect of the aluminum curtain wall, and has been applied in many famous buildings.
    duowei weclea™ metal curtain wall decorative panels (weclea panels) can effectively solve the existing difficulties and pain points faced by traditional sandwich panels and aluminum curtain walls, including water leakage, pollution, section rusting and corrosion, and installation complexity. their application scenarios include external walls of industrial plants, residential buildings, commercial buildings and other buildings, as well as interior partition walls and decorative walls.

  • vpolymer® and vcool® metal curtain wall sandwich panel systems

    in response to montreal convention, duowei has successfully developed the environment-friendly cyclopentane fluorine-free polyurethane foaming technology which makes the panels more stable, green, fluorine-free, and highly environmental-friendly.
    duowei vcool® cold storage panel system, with a unique plug structure, can improve the insulation airtightness at the joints of panels. it is specially designed for cold room and cold storage. panels are uniform and stable, with excellent thermal insulation performance.

  • wall profiled metal panel system

    duowei wall profiled metal panel system includes more than 30 types of panels connected by exposed nails, concealed nails, bit, lock, etc., and of various waveforms, such as wide-rib trapezoid, arc and stepped. duowei can produce and process color-coated steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate, titanium-zinc plate, and copper plate with a thickness range of 0.5mm-1.2mm, and provide customers with high-quality exterior wall solutions.