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clean room enclosure system

clean room enclosure system

duowei has introduced an internationally advanced modular clean room system to provide targeted solutions for clean rooms in different industries, including chemical medicines, biological medicines, medical treatment, electronics, cosmetics and food. through lss-based lean management of production lines, we solve the problem of low production capacity and unstable production quality faced by domestic production lines, and will continue to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

clean room ceiling system
  • accessible ceiling system pwc50

    it is made by selected high-quality color steel plate and core materials. besides traditional gluing, mechanical clips are used between the panel and the frame keel, making the bottom panel more stable. the measured load-bearing capacity per square meter is more than 150kg, and it is suitable for a variety of harsh clean room controlled environments.

  • modular accessible ceiling system mwc50

    it is composed of grid structure keel and modular plate. each plate can be disassembled and replaced separately. it can be installed on site easily and efficiently, and its later replacement and maintenance are convenient. it is suitable for clean room enclosure environment that needs to be completed quickly.

  • modular inaccessible ceiling system nwc50

    it is composed of purified color steel plate and concealed keel. after installation, its surface will be smooth and flat. it can be integrated with filter air vents and lamps. it can effectively reduce engineering costs and is an ideal choice for the cnc area of a clean room.

clean room partition system
  • sandwich wall system swp50

    the all-steel structure keel frame combined with high-quality color steel plate perfectly presents the traditional purification plate. abundant sandwich materials are available for selection, and they are suitable for various different types of clean room industrial plants.

  • modular hollow wall system mwp60/100

    it is composed of modular plates consisting of integrated structure keels and clip-on color steel plates. each plate can be disassembled and replaced separately. it can be installed on site easily and efficiently, and its later replacement and maintenance are convenient. the wall is of a hollow structure, which allows various pipelines to be freely pre-buried at the on-site construction stage. it is suitable for the clean room enclosure environment which is complex and needs to be completed quickly.

clean room steel door

the seamless processing technology is applied to make the surface smooth without seams. together with the hardware of well-known brands and multi-functional optional materials, it can be applied in various functional rooms with different requirements.

clean room purification window

double-layer glass windows. windows with different thicknesses can be customized according to wall thickness. the window production environment is a constant temperature and humidity environment equipped with h14 high-efficiency filter. the control of the assembly environment effectively avoids the fogging phenomenon after the window is installed. safety glass, ultra clear glass and electric atomizing glass options are available for using in different purification environments.